Rainbows End Childcare

Child Care

Childminders are able to offer a more varied setting than any other kind of childcare environment. We can offer continuity of care, a home based environment, daily outings and a more personal relationship with the children and their families. Childminders offer a flexible service that works around your family and hours of work.
  • Continuity of care - I like to work with the parents to try to keep children in their already established routine as much as possible. I also do school and nursery drop off's and collections so can continue to care for your children throughout their education.
  • Home-based environment - I provide a warm, safe and friendly home from home environment for the children.
  • Daily outings - I take the children to many different places, some examples include mother & toddler groups, feeding the ducks, parks, library, soft play areas, coastal visits, museum visits, farms, zoo's etc. I happily accept any new idea's from the children or parents.
  • More personal relationships - This is with both the children and parents. For the children I am able to offer consistent low ratio attention, sometimes one to one whilst they can also enjoy interaction from others. For the parents, I can take time to discuss any issues, problems or suggestions that they have.
  • Flexibility - I offer full/part time care, over night, term time only, school holiday only and shift work contracts.
    I offer the following facilities:
     A friendly, professional service
     A loving, safe environment with endless learning possibilities.
     A kitchen offering opportunities to explore food from different corners of the world as well as  lots of fun making cookies and mess.                                                                             
     A small playroom where children are able to freely access toys and resources.
     A fully enclosed garden for outside play and gardening.                                                          Privacy spaces inside and outside to allow one to two children to play/rest without distraction  from other children
     A quiet sleep area for the little ones
     Frequent local outings to local parks, ponds and museums.
     Frequent further afield trips to the beach and larger parks
     Termly newsletter
     Extensive EYFS folders for under 5's