Rainbows End Childcare

Child Care

Children aged 0-5

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School Aged Children

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My Fees From April 1st 2013

My working hours

7.30am to 5.30pm                                             Total 10 hours

Before school care

Any time between 7.30am and 9am

£7.25 set fee (includes breakfast)

(Applies to School aged children aged, term time only)

After School Care

Any time between 3pm and 5.30pm

£12.00 set fee

(Applies to school aged children, term time only)

Placement fees

     £4.50 per hour    

As a general rule I do not do "pick up & drop off" (taxi service)

However there may be occasions where I am able to accommodate this service

and a minimum charge of £5.00 per child will apply.

I do not charge retainer fees for children who attend term time only/school holidays only

however I may charge a retainer for children who attend nursery/preschool for part of the day.


Special Outings/Day Trips

These will be charged based on the true extra cost and will be fairly distributed between the families of children attending. Entrance fees and public transport fares will of course be charged per child. On some occasions a small amount of pocket/spending money may be asked for.